About us

DSC_0565 2We’re Rob & Sal Notley a family business, based in the historic village of Montacute in the heart of south Somerset.

It’s a true partnership from selecting the timber, designing through to finishing, the whole process is shared, whether it’s a single piece for a private customer or 100 boards for a restaurant, each order is given the same care and attention.


DSC_0691It’s important for us to know where our materials come from and to be able to choose the right one for the customer and the job, so all our wood is selected from small well managed yards, who can supply us with interesting, good quality, sustainable timber, which is grown locally and this is a sample of what we have in the workshop.

Acacia, Ash, Olive Ash, Beech, Spalted Beech, Cherry, Sweet Chestnut, Horse Chestnut, Elm, Spalted Hornbeam, Sugar Maple, Field Maple, Oak, London Plane,Walnut and Yew.


DSC_0107We’ve developed our own unique style and when this is blended with the natural beauty of the timber, all of the work we produce is very individual, so from a board to a mirror each piece is truly a one off.

The range is constantly evolving and we will always be adding new products inspired by those sudden flashes of inspiration, the materials and our wonderful customers. View our current range of products »

We always like a challenge so don’t be afraid to ask.